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ManufacturerCD Nelson
23.720CL 870 BJel-3
Tank ConstructionStainless SteelIronIronIron
Diamond PolishingYesNoNoNo
Adjustable Steam ValveYesNoNoNo
Heater Protected Against
Automatic Pressure SwitchYesNoNoNo
Double Wall CabinetYesNoNoNo
Plumbing Installation CostNot Needed$400$400$400
Weekly Rust Removal TimeNot Needed30 Minutes30 Minutes30 Minutes
Cost of Rust Removing
Chemicals / Year
Not Needed$164.32$164.32$164.32
Maintenance Cost / Labor / Year$15.00$390.00$390.00$390.00
Electricity Cost / Year$256.56$350.00$350.00$350.00
Total Cost / First Year$1,069.56$2,281.95$2,221.90$2,271.95
Total Cost / 5 Years$2,155.80$5,899.00$5,839.18$5,889.23



  • Ethical manufacturers and dealers will notify customers of important safety, maintenance, and installation requirements on products they sell, prior to any sale, and will present their products on merit. Unethical and shady dealers will try to slander and smear: this, for you, must be a red flag! Other red flags: frequent redesign of product, frequent changing of product lines, frequently discontinuing products, unloading of obsolete technology on open credit, and the one-size-fits-all approach.
  • All models in the comparison chart have the same approximate usable capacity, and heat up to operating pressure in about the same time.
  • Energy usage is higher on models with external sight glass, external drain and any other external components, and is not shown.
  • Steamers with iron tanks rust. No estimate has been made for possible damage to jewelry due to rust particles which can crack, chip or fracture diamonds or colored stones and in time will change the color of jewelry.
  • No estimate has been made for repairs or replacement parts: steamers with a sight glass require considerably more maintenance, parts, and labor.
  • No estimate has been made for packing and shipping costs for derusting chemicals: these may be substantial.
  • Time required for maintenance may vary with chemicals used for derusting, with level of skill of personnel, and with proximity to the source of water.
  • Costs for labor may vary, as well as costs for plumbing rust blow-down valve and safety relief valve: this MUST be done on all ASME Code steamers. For safety reasons, the pipes should also be insulated as required by most local codes.
  • Electrical costs were calculated at $0.08/kWh at 8-hour working days.
  • Shipping, handling, and insurance costs have been added but are not shown.
  • All brand names are the trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

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